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Where's the Purple Alpaca?

Do you enjoy stepping into a yarn shop and basking in all the colors? Color evokes different emotions, from happiness to sadness and everything in between. Colors tell stories and create memories. Color takes us to places visited. Do you lean toward warmer hues like reds, oranges, or yellow? Or do you prefer cooler colors like greens, blues, or purples? I would dye all our yarns turquoise if it were up to me. That is my go-to color. I gravitate toward cooler colors because they look better on me. I find warm colors often too vivid for my liking.

In our fiber mill, we use several methods in crafting colorful yarns. One that I like to do is use colored bamboo. We worked on an alpaca, cashmere, and purple bamboo blend a few months ago. We had a mill tour then, and I showed our visitors the yarn we worked on. I jokingly told them that the color came from our purple alpaca out in the pasture. One of the visitors remarked that he had never seen a purple alpaca. I continued telling him about our purple alpaca. I had him convinced that we had a purple alpaca. I finally confessed that I was kidding! I admitted that the chances of seeing a purple alpaca were as good as seeing a unicorn.

The blend of bamboo, cashmere, and alpaca makes this purple yarn visually appealing and texturally soft. Color and texture are what make yarn enticing. Is it possible to walk into a yarn shop and not touch a single skein? Absolutely not! You touch every skein in sight! You feel the difference between all the various wool yarns and then move on to the alpaca yarns and end up in the cashmere section. Your mind is racing with project ideas. You need a new sweater, a scarf, fingerless gloves, and don't forget the hat.

What color of yarn will you grab for your next project? Yarn from that magical purple alpaca would be divine! The color and texture are fabulous! You can find it in our online yarn shop. And, if you come to visit, we could go on a hunt for the elusive purple alpaca.

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