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Icelandic Horses



Join us at Wild Red Clover Ranch and discover the transformative power of nature, community, and self-expression. We believe in holding space for your journey of empowerment, where every individual is supported in their quest for growth and fulfillment.

At Wild Red Clover Ranch & Fiber Mill, LLC, we are deeply passionate about connecting artistry to nature. Our ranch and fiber studio is dedicated to environmental stewardship and protecting our Earth’s resources by having a deep respect for the land, valuing the connection between land and animals, practicing soil-to-soil processing, and creating a small carbon footprint. Our commitment to quality and high standards will allow for remarkable and exceptional fiber products. Come join us in celebrating and preserving the beauty of nature.


Troy, owner


Troy is the big dreamer! He gets something in his headlights, and you better get out of the way because he is going to make it happen. He is a motivator and a lifelong learner. Troy sees the world from many different angles and challenges us all to think. To read more of Troy's writing visit

Annette, owner


Annette has a love for yarn! She enjoys preparing fleeces and making them into batts and roving, and then creating beautiful handspun yarns. She is very talented at fiber arts. Annette is the creative force behind the fiber studio.

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