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We host an artist-in-residence every summer at our ranch and studio. It is a unique opportunity to come to work with our animals, learn about animal husbandry and spend time working in our studios creating beautiful works. Our goal for this program is to encourage artists to delve deeper into their endeavors in the arts community. It is a time of learning and creating! The artist is provided time and space to create a project for the ranch.



Christy Taylor

We are excited for Christy to be joining us this summer!


Aleia Nay

Aleia is an award-winning elementary and high school art educator. She has a passion for bringing arts to rural communities. During her time at our mill, she created two murals for us. She has an eye for color combinations and has dyed yarns for our yarn shop.



Heather Macali

Heather was our first artist-in-residence. She is a contemporary fiber artist specializing in woven design. Her work has been published in books and displayed in many galleries. Currently, she is a professor at Wayne State University. 

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