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Welcome to Wild Red Clover Ranch, where the legacy of our former mill has blossomed into a sanctuary of healing and the arts. Evolving from our focus on artisanal yarn creation, our ranch now thrives as a haven for therapeutic activities, holistic wellness, and pottery studios complemented by the presence of our cherished Icelandic Sheep, Alpacas, and Horses. Here, amidst the rugged landscape, we intertwine the threads of healing and connection guided by our passion for wellness and care.

At Wild Red Clover Ranch, we hold a deep reverence for our local community of farmers and artisans. We endeavor to foster a culture that celebrates the interplay between the land, its inhabitants, and the people who steward it. In addition to our commitment to therapeutic activities and art, we extend our dedication to sustainability through various initiatives.


Thank you for considering Wild Red Clover Ranch. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to welcome you into our community and share our passion for the arts, the earth, animals, and your wellness. 

Troy and Annette


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