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Three Icelandic sheep, a ewe and her twin lambs, wool fiber for processing

Wild Red Clover Ranch and Fiber Mill, LLC is a family-owned ranch, fiber studio, and yarn company located in the mountains of central Utah.  Our ranch and fiber studio is a place where land-based nature and artistry coincide. It is a space of partnership and sojourning in the creative process. We focus on small-batch yarn production, allowing traceability with a deep connection to our farm-to-yarn products. Your fiber art projects deserve high-quality yarn craftsmanship and great attention to detail. When purchasing yarn and products from our ranch, we warmly welcome you into our world of art, animal husbandry, and a deep love for the earth. - Welcome to the Ranch!      












Altitude Yarn from Wild Red Clover Ranch & Fiber Mill, LLC features a unique blend of fibers sourced from animals living at high altitudes. This luxurious yarn is spun and hand-dyed in small batches to ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship. It is perfect for knitting and crochet projects that require softness, strength, and warmth. Altitude Yarn will bring a unique flair and personality to any project.

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