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Fiber Processing

What are your fiber processing limits?


For yarns, not including core-spun yarn or Lopi style, the staple length needs to be between 2 and 6 inches. Core spun yarn and Lopi style yarn can be over 6 inches long.


How do I prepare my fleeces for processing?

Fleeces must be well skirted. We do not offer skirting services at our mill. We will quickly check for items that can damage our machines, such as sticks, burrs, or toenails.  Excessive vegetable matter will not come out in processing.  To skirt your fleece, remove any short fibers (less than 2 inches), dirt, sand, poop, hay, urine stains, and other vegetation. A well-skirted fleece will decrease your shipping and incoming costs. We reserve the right to reject any fleece not suitable for processing.

What are your processing prices?

Click here to view our current pricing.

Do you accept washed fleeces?

No, we only accept raw fleece. We require washing to be completed in our mill. This ensures that fleeces are cleaned to the specifications required for our equipment. We use a high-quality scouring product.

General Questions

How do I send my fibers to you?

You will need to call or email us to schedule a date to mail or drop off your fibers. Then, fill out the customer packet found here. There is a checklist for you to follow to prepare your fibers for processing. We do allow clients to drop off their fibers.

Do you offer stand-alone washing services?

No, we do not offer this as a stand-alone service. Washing is only done for full-service processing.

What is your turnaround time?

Our mill is currently at a 6 - 8 month turnaround time. Larger batches may take a little longer to process. We strive to get your processing done as quickly as possible. 

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